Maybe you didn’t want to have braces. Maybe you did. Maybe your parent told you you had to. Maybe you decided later in life that you wanted a better smile. Whatever the case, here you are, and you have braces. This is the beginning of a journey that will effect the rest of your life! There’s no sense in being bashful or ashamed of your new braces either, because soon enough you’ll be shining a perfect smile from ear to ear! For new members of the improving smile club, we put together a little list of reminders on how to maintain proper care of your braces. It’s best to maintain and take care of your braces, so that everything goes according to plan, and you complete your smile transformation.


Just a few minutes a day of flossing can make sure you don’t face significant dental issues when you get the braces off. Sure, it might b a pain to floss around them, but flossing is very important. It helps prevent oral health problems and gum disease.

Avoid Sticky & Hard Foods

It might not be easy, but make sure to avoid these types of food. Things like caramel, toffee, gum and other sticky teeth can stick to the wires & brackets and potentially break them off. Its best to avoid these foods all together to prevent damage.

Chew With Your Back Teeth

You might be used to taking bites with your front teeth, this should be avoided by anyone with braces. Cut foods into pieces and chew with your back teeth. Things like corn on the cob and sandwiches should be cut into pieces to avoid damaging the front of your braces.

Wear Your Rubber Bands

It might be annoying. You aren’t the only person who hates wearing rubber bands and other orthodontic appliances. The thing is it helps the process, and not wearing them will only lengthen your time with braces. If you just wear them now, you not only will avoid problems in the future, but you might speed up your treatment time!

When you take care of your braces, you’re doing your part. Dr. Rand and her team are committed to being one of the best orthodontist practices in WNY. You can trust that we will all do our part. Whether you’re the parent of a child, a teen, or adult, it is your responsibility to make sure you take care of your braces. They are after all, here to help you achieve the perfect smile! So make sure to show them a little love!