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Dr Rand’s Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Starting Sept. 1, and ending Nov. 30, 2018 we want to see you!

Below is a scavenger hunt list. Take a selfie (smiling of course)

With/or at any of these events and send it to us.

On Instagram tag us… @randorthodonticsbuffalo

Or upload your photo and tag our Facebook Event: “Dr. Rand’s Scavenger Hunt”

1.) Eating chicken fingers                              11.) With a pet  

2.) At a sporting event                                  12.) With a famous person 

3.) At Canalside                                            13.) At a playground      

4.) At a concert or play                                 14.) With a person in uniform 

5.) Your Halloween costume                        15.) At a restaurant with menu 

6.) At a pumpkin patch                                16.) With your favorite teacher 

7.) At Thanksgiving Dinner                          17.) Eating an Ice cream cone 

8.) Tree with leaves changing                      18.) Hugging a grandparent 

 9.) At Niagara Falls                                      19.) With your Orthodontist 

 10.) At a School dance                                20.) With your Ortho Assistant 

Use this check list to enter as often as you want.  You will earn a point for every post received. The person with the most points wins an amazing Gift card!!

Have fun!!! We can’t wait to see you!!!