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Pediatric Orthodontist Kathryn E. Rand, DDS

Orthodontics for children in the Buffalo, NY, area

Dr. Kathryn Rand prides herself on creating straight smiles throughout the Buffalo and West Seneca, NY area. Children's orthodontics is more than just the science of straightening teeth, it is about understanding your child's oral and overall health and providing care in a compassionate, family-friendly atmosphere. Dr. Kathryn Rand is an orthodontist who specializes in treating children as young as seven by identifying and evaluating problems like crossbite, underbite and crowding. Having a Buffalo area orthodontist like Dr. Kathryn Rand prevent potential problems early on can benefit your child in the long run.

Plus, Dr. Kathryn Rand and her professional orthodontic team really know how to work with kids (and parents too!). She is an excellent choice and has extensive experience working with children in the Buffalo and West Seneca area. Her fun, compassionate and knowledgeable team will describe the revolutionary techniques in orthodontics today that can help give your child the gift of a straight, confident smile.

Our children's orthodontic services include:

For young children, we can use something called interceptive orthodontic treatment therapy. This involves wearing dental appliances that are removable, and that gradually coax teeth into the right positions. The treatment is only warranted when we can clearly predict that there will be serious misalignment problems in the future unless there is early intervention.

We're happy to work with you to determine what would be the most effective choice of treatment.

I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Kathryn Rand and staff. My family has been coming for orthodontic services for 8 years, 4 children and my husband. During our consultations, procedures are explained so that the parent and the child can understand. The staff is friendly, professional and helpful. I will definitely recommend Dr. Kathryn Rand to anyone who asks for a referral. I whole heartedly believe that she is the best in the area.
-Sara B.

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